Conservation Projects

Friends Restoration and Conservation Projects include:
Conservation of paper murals at both ends of the Bodley church.
Mark Sandiford, paper conservator to the National Trust, has completely transformed the paper paintings which had been hanging off the wall at both ends of the Bodley church. Thanks to the accommodation provided by our chairman, scaffolding loaned by a local church and delivered free, costs were kept down.  Mark became almost a part of the community and may return to do other small bits of restoration.
Our next project was to install lighting to illuminate the paper murals and to cast light on the work of William Morris & Co carried out 150 years ago in the Bodley church.  However, events have forced a change of plan: to stabilise and protect the magnificent Pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows on the west face of the Bodley church.


AFTER (just one week)

Securing the Windows of the Bodley Church
The work on securing the great Pre Raphaelite windows has been completed. Some of the priceless stained glass has been removed and restored.  The worrying rattling of the windows in high winds is no more!

Rose Window Repairs.  Commenced September 2016

To make a donation, please send a cheque payable to ‘Friends of St Michael’s’ to: The Friends’ Treasurer, Parish Office, St Michael’s Place, Brighton BN13FU.

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